Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA)

The WPCA Sewer User Fee is $400 effective January 1, 2018.

The WPCA shall adopt rules and regulations concerning connections to any sewage system giving due consideration to capacity and existing connections and shall also establish fair and reasonable rates for said connections and use of the system after a public hearing as set forth in Section 7-255 of the C.G.S.

The WPCA shall elect a Chairman and Secretary from its membership; adopt by-laws governing the conduct of its meetings; and may employ an agent or other employees to carry out its duties. The WPCA shall maintain accurate accounts and financial records and render an annual report and others as requested by the Selectmen.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Catherine McCall WPCA Admin
Jason Nowosad Field Agent

Board Members

Name Title
Carol Morris-Scata (D) Chairman (05/01/2020)
Harry W.K. Anderson (R) Member (05/01/2021)
Tony Tyler (D) Member (05/01/2021)
David Hartley (R) Member (05/01/2021)
Gregg Lafontaine (D) Member (05/01/2022)