Hawkers & Peddlers Permit

Per Town ordinance, door-to-door sales people must obtain a Hawkers and Peddler’s permit from the town. The fee is $20.00 and the permit is valid for one year. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in a $50.00 fine to the individual operating without a license.

To Apply:

  1. Go to the Town Clerk’s Office
  2. Present driver’s license for photocopying
  3. Provide make, model and color of vehicle to be used
  4. Provide vehicle license plate
  5. Permit-holder must provide a personal phone number and a phone number for the company they are representing
  6. Pay $20.00 fee to Town of Lebanon (cash or check only)

After the permit is issued, information regarding the permit holder is given to the First Selectman’s Office and Resident State Trooper.

If you believe someone is operating in violation of this town ordinance, please call the First Selectman’s Office at (860) 642-6100.