Summer Dance Fest Committee

The Summer Dance Fest Committee is a direct result of the huge success of the town's 300th Birthday Celebration in 2000! With a desire to make the this an annual event, a committee was established to continue with an annual July celebration. This event is sponsored by local businesses and supported by the townspeople of Lebanon. Under a huge tent and picnic like atmosphere on the historic Lebanon Green, it is celebrated with music by local musicians, activities for children, refreshments by our local fire department and culminates with a huge fireworks display. Our committee consists of eleven members and is appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

Committee Members

Name Title
Marion Russo (R) Chairman (01/08/2022)
Barbara Archer (U) Member (01/08/2021)
Robert Leone (D) Member (01/08/2021)
Sue Leone (D) Member (01/08/2022)
Tom Corso (R) Member (01/08/2022)
David Nichols (D) Member (01/08/2022)
Ruth Eckhoff (U) Secretary (01/08/2022)
Kathleen Franchi (U) Member (01/08/2022)
Dana Dunnack (D) Member (01/08/2022)
Laura Tartaglia (U) Member (01/08/2021)