North Lebanon Cemetery to Open June 1

The North Lebanon Cemetery at 85 Synagogue Road will open June 1, 2020.

Two sections will be open at that time. Section 1 consists of  42 standard size 4 feet x 11 feet grave sites. Each grave site includes a 2 foot section for above-ground monuments. Each grave site will accommodate 1 casket with vault plus up to 4 cremation urns or up to 8 cremation urns without a casket & vault. Section C1 is a dedicated cremation section containing one hundred 4’ x 5-1/2’ grave sites. Each of these sites can accommodate up to 4 cremation urns. Grave markers in this section must be flush with the ground. Grave sites in either section can be purchased by contacting the Town Sexton, Marcia Schuett. The cost of a standard grave site is $500. Cremation sites cost $250. A $25 processing fee is charged for each interment. All grave sites are numbered at the cemetery and correspond to the map of the cemetery. You can also visit the cemetery to see the layout and the beautiful surroundings.


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