Legal Notice: Justice of the Peace Nominations

Legal Notice: A certified list of Republican and Democratic party-endorsed candidates for nomination of Justice of the Peace will be on file in my office at 579 Exeter Road, Lebanon, CT.

And copies thereof will be available for distribution not later than the fourteenth day following the close of the town committee meeting, caucus or convention which made the endorsement.  A primary will be held August 11, 2020 if a petition form with candidates numbering at least a bare majority of the number of the number of justices of the peace to be nominated by such party in the municipality must be filed pursuant to Sections 9-382 to 9-450 of the Connecticut General Statutes, not later than 4:00 pm, June 9, 2020.  Petition forms, instructions and information concerning the procedure for filing of opposing candidacies, including schedules, may be obtained from:

Berkeley Nowosad, Democratic ROV

Heidi Worthington, Republican ROV

579 Exeter Road, Lebanon, CT



Mary Ellen Wieczorek CCTC

Lebanon Town Clerk


Published May 29, 2020

Town of Lebanon Website

Per Governor’s Executive Order #7I, Sec. 19c


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