Energy Task Force Advisory Committee

Lebanon is a participant in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. For more info, click here.

Lebanon continues its commitment to the 20% by 2010 Program. The Community Innovations Grants Program, funded through the CT Clean Energy Fund, provides eligible communities with a $4,000 block grant to support local public awareness and education projects that support clean renewable energy. The new fund requires that municipalities establish an Energy Task Force and one of the charges is to increase local awareness of energy conservation.

On May 7, 2013 the Selectmen voted to reduce the membership of the Committee from seven (7) members to five (5) as two positions have remained vacant for some time.

Wind Information Available Online!

The wind turbine at Lebanon Middle School has been generating electricity from the wind since October 21, 2010. A website is available with much information about that installation. Soon that site will also provide monitoring capability so you'll be able to see the amount of electricity being generated. So next time the wind blows, think about all the "free" electricity being generated!

Solar Information Available Online!

The solar photovoltaic panels on the Lebanon Senior Center and the Public Works Garage went live on Monday, December 6. The Senior Center has a 9 Kwh installation, while the Garage is a 4.5 Kwh installation. There is a webpage for monitoring the electricity generated at the Senior Center. The Public Works Garage does not have that capability.

Committee Members

Name Title
Julie Lane (D) Chairman
Emil Thomen (U) Secretary
James Forrest (R) Member
James Macauley (R) Member
Ryan Desmarais (R) Member