Joshua’s Trust: Pigeon Swamp Preserve

 Pigeon Swamp Preserve

This beautiful 135-acre preserve includes three miles of trails that weave through forests, pastures, and marshlands. It was donated to Joshua’s Trust in 1996 by Drs. Mervyn H. Little and Olga A. G. Little. The Trust continues to maintain the lands as a wildlife habitat but it remains open to the public to enjoy.

The main yellow trail loops around the majority of the park, taking you through forests that include some surprisingly old trees along the marshes, through flowering fields, over bridges, and past the Big Pond.

Yellow Loop

There are two viewpoints with benches on spurs along the trail, including of the marshes that feed Big Pond and of the pond itself. The swamp is a great spot to view birds — ducks in particular — while the pond is a relaxing spot with a view of a nearby mill.

Big Pond

Swamp Lookout

The winding trails here are relatively flat, making this a great place to visit for a casual stroll. The land is very well-preserved and is teeming with natural wildlife of all kinds. Consider bug spray in the summer months as the marsh is popular with insects.


Spur trails do provide for some shortcuts to the viewpoints if you do not wish to walk the entire trail. A map can be found here.