Cemeteries & Sexton

The Town of Lebanon owns and manages close to twenty cemeteries with some of these burial sites dating back to the town’s founding in the early 1700s. While cemeteries in most towns are privately owned and operated, the majority of both Lebanon’s historic and active cemeteries are owned by the Town. Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 19a-308a — Abandoned Cemeteries the Town has acquired over a dozen historic cemeteries and ensured their preservation. Management and maintenance of these cemeteries is the responsibility of the Cemetery Commission. The Sexton is responsible for day-to-day operation of the cemeteries, including internments, exhuming, sale of plots, and installation of monuments.

There are two main active cemeteries in Lebanon — New Lebanon Cemetery on Waterman Road and North Lebanon Cemetery on Synagogue Road. New Lebanon Cemetery is nearly at capacity with very few burial plots remaining for sale. Standard Burial Sites cost $300 and include two graves. Cremation sites are also still available for $50.

In Autumn 2019, the Town expects to open North Lebanon Cemetery. Standard Burial Sites at this cemetery will be available for $500. Each Standard Burial Site is suitable for one standard casket burial and up to four cremation burials or up to eight cremation burials without a standard casket burial. Cremation Burial Sites are also available for $250 and can accommodate up to four cremation burials.

Also among the nearly two dozen cemeteries managed by the Town are the historic Trumbull, Exeter, and Goshen Cemeteries — each home to graves dating back to the 1700s and with unique historical significance. These burial grounds include the final resting places of Revolutionary War Governor Jonathan Trumbull and Declaration of Independence signatory William Williams. They are also home to numerous gravestones carved in the classic, colonial style unique to Eastern Connecticut studied by scholars and historians around the country even today. These burial grounds contain stones from famous carvers including Obadiah Wheeler, the mysterious “Bozrah Devil”, and the “Upswept-Wing Carver.”

The town is also home to a large number of other colonial era cemeteries.

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