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Town Hall
579 Exeter Road
Lebanon, CT 06249
Fax: 860.642.7716
Monday, Thursday & Friday - 8:00am-4:00pm  
Tuesday: 8:00am-6:00pm  
Closed Wednesday
Individual Department Hours May Vary

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  • Town of Lebanon in the Fall
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2013 Recreation Plan
Air Line Trail Guide and Map (2014)
Brochure with info on the air line trail through eastern CT.
Amston Lake Consent Order
Consent order entered into between the Town of Lebanon and the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection. (1/15/2010)
Amston Lake Consent Order Compliance
Amston Lake Workshop
Application for Special Permit Instructions
Rev. 09/2011
Basketball Sportsmanship Pledge

Lebanon Recreation’s Department Youth Basketball Sportsmanship Pledge

Cemetery Rules & Regulations
Information on cemetery rules, interments, plots, memorials and ornamentation.
Certified As-Built Checklist

Zoning permits for new construction require submission of a certified as-built prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy to include the following...........(rev 10/2013)

Colonial Cemeteries in Lebanon
with a map showing the locations of all the cemeteries in Lebanon - courtesy of the Lebanon Historical Society
Commons Hill Trail Map
CSA Grant Application
Community Supported Agriculture Grant Application - Due April 30, 2010
Dance Code of Ethic Contract
Please fill out and bring to dance.
Fan Behavior at Athletic Contests Policy

Lebanon Recreation’s Policy Statement On Fan Behavior at Athletic Contests

FAQ for Lebanon Low Pressure Sewer Project - Dated 5/18/12
FEMA Flood Insurance Map
Final Report of Charter Study Committee - July 16, 2013
Five Mile Rock Map
FOIA Policy
Grinder Pump Location Form Letter
Historical and Architectural Resources Inventory - 2013
This survey of historic and architectural resources of Lebanon, Connecticut was conducted under the auspices of the Town of Lebanon Planning Department by Rachel Carley, an architectural historian and preservation consultant based in Litchfield, Connecticut. The purpose was to add to the existing database of surveyed resources in the town by focusing on its rural and agricultural properties, including barns and other agricultural outbuildings as well as houses............
Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations
Investment Policy for Endowments and Donations
Lebanon 2012 Voting District Map
Lebanon 2012 Voting District Map
Lebanon Pool Rules
Your child’s safety is most important to us. Thank you for your cooperation.
Low Pressure Sewers & Grinder Pumps Handout
Open Space in Lebanon and Why We Should Preserve it
Brochure produced by the Conservation Commission (Nov. 2010).
Plan of Conservation & Development (2010)
Proposed FY 2015 Budget
Recommended Policies, Goals and Issues for the POCD from the Energy Task Force
Recommendations for the Plan of Conservation & Development
Recreation Commission Bylaws
Bylaws of the Rec. Commission
Sanitary Sewer User Charge Resolution - FINAL
Sewer Assessment Resolution - FINAL
Single Stream Recycling
Subdivision Regulations
Town Meeting Protocol
Ground rules for conduct of and at town meetings. (2/2010)
Transfer Station Fee Schedule
Fees for various material disposed at the Lebanon Transfer Station. (2012)
Tyler Field Concept Plan
Concept plan approved January 22, 2007
Village Center Study - April 30, 2012 Public Meeting Presentation Materials
Village District Design Review Standards
Wetlands Map
What Are Inland Wetlands and Why Are They Important?
Winterization Guide - Sewer
WPCA - Regulations
Zoning Map
Revised 9/16/2013
Zoning Regulations


2013 Short Form
Active Military Duty Motor Vehicle Exemption Form
Application for Accessory Living Unit
Rev. 09/2011
Application for Boundary Line Reconfiguration
Rev. 06/2014
Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Rev. 04/2011
Application for Certification of Compliance of Non-Conforming Use/Structure
Rev. 09/2011
Application for Conversion of Seasonal Dwellings to Year-Round Use
Application for Home Occupation Permit (7.5a)
Rev. 03/2011
Application for Home Occupation Permit (7.5b)
Rev. 03/2011
Application for Public Hearing for Scenic Road Designation
Rev. 09/2011
Application For Site Plan Approval / Modification
Rev. 09/2011
Application for Site Testing and the Installation of Sewage Disposal Systems
Form for both site testing (perc test) and sewage disposal system (revised 6/13/2008).
Application for Subdivision
Rev. 09/2011
Application to Erect Sign
Rev. 09/2011
Board of Assessment Appeal Form - Motor Vehicle
Board of Assessment Appeal Form - Real Estate
Building Permit Application - Accessory Structures
Application for building permit for garage, shed, porch, deck, barn, pool, etc. (2006)
Building Permit Application - Alterations/Repairs (fillable form)
Application for building permit for alterations & repairs. (2/2014)
Building Permit Application - Demolition
Application for permit for demolition of existing structures. (11/16/2012)
Building Permit Application - Main Structures
Application for building permit for single family, multi-family, additions, commercial, industrial structures (2006)
Building Permit Record
Business of the Month Nomination Form
The Business of the Month program is a way for patrons or people associated with any business in Lebanon to show their appreciation towards that business. Nomination is simple and the requirements are too. To be eligible a business must be located in Lebanon, current on tax obligations and have proper zoning approvals. Reference on this site to any specific business or service provider does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the Town of Lebanon. (3/2012)
Camper Declaration
Certificate of Adoption of Trade Name
Clean Energy Enrollment Form
Form for residents to enroll in Clean Energy Program. Go green and help earn a free solar panel for a town building!  (March, 2010)
Community Innovations Grant Application
Application for energy efficiency and renewable energy project grants of under $1,000. Funded by the CT Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and administered by the Lebanon Energy Task Force.
Electrical Permit (fillable)
Application for electrical permit (4/2014)
Employment Application
Fillable form. (rev. 02/2014)
Health Application Temporary Food Service License
 Rev. 5/2011
HVAC Permit
Application for heating, air conditioning, ventilation permit (2006)
Inland Wetlands As of Right Application
Application to allow activities in wetlands & watercourses which are deemed by the Commission to be permited uses "as of right" in non-regulated uses. (10/25/2012)
Inland Wetlands Buffer Permit Application
Application for approval of  work within 100' of wetlands, watercourses. (rev. 8/2010)
Inland Wetlands Regular Permit Application
Application for work to be conducted in a wetland, watercourse or waterbody.  (rev. 12/2010)
Inland Wetlands Timber Harvest Application
Application to be submitted prior to timber harvesting in or near wetlands. (10/25/2012)
Land Use Office Complaint Form
Form to be used to submit complaints related to zoning, building, health, wetlands and/or other land use related issues. (8/2012)
M-28 -- Farm Machinery Application
Medical Release Form
Required for certain events and activites.
Personal Property Declaration
Plumbing Permit
Application for plumbing permit (2006)
Public Hearing Application for Special Permit
Rev. 07/2011
Subdivision Application
Subdivision Filing Procedures
Tai Chi Registration Form & Flyer

Please fill out and mail to Lebanon Recreation Dept. 579 Exeter Rd Lebanon, CT 06249

Volleyball Registration Form Fall 2014
Registration form for Girls Rec Volleyabll.
Volunteer Interest Form (fillable)
Fillable form to indicate your interest in serving on a board, commission or committee (02/2014).
Volunteer Service Contract
The First Selectman must approve the application of any applicant requesting volunteer service for the Town of Lebanon before the start of any work.
Wood Stove Permit
Permit Application for Wood Stove Installations (11/20/2008)
Youth Basketball Flyer
Lebanon Recreation League Youth Basketball Flyer. Please read for program dates, times, adn information.
Youth Basketball Registration Form
Please fill out and mail to Lebanon Recreation Dept. 579 Exeter Rd Lebanon, CT 06249
ZBA Application for Public Hearing (4/2013)
All applications submitted to the Zoning Board of Appeals that require a public hearing need to comply with the conditions and requirements in this document in order to be considered complete.


$200,000 Exemption on Farm Machinery - Minutes
Ordinance Building Code Penalties
Establishes penalties for violation of building codes (1975)
Ordinance Building Permits on Unaccepted Roads
Regulates issuance of building permits on unaccepted roads (1987)
Ordinance Burial Site Fees
Establishes fees for burial sites in Lebanon cemeteries (2002)
Ordinance Concerning the Designation of Scenic Roads (Revised 2011)
Ordinance Creating Bd of Ed
Establishes the Board of Education (1973)
Ordinance Creating Comm on Aging
Establishes Commission on Aging (rev. August, 2007)
Ordinance Creating Comm on Children & Families
Authorizes creating of Commission on Children and Families (1994)
Ordinance Creating EDC
Establishes Economic Development Commission (Rev. 2007)
Ordinance Creating Emergency Planning Team
Creates local Emergency Planning Team (2007).
Ordinance Creating IWC
Establishes Inland Weland Commission (1974)
Ordinance Creating IWC (revised)
Establishes Inland Wetland Commission - revised (1989)
Ordinance Creating PZC
Establishes Planning & Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (1961)
Ordinance Creating Rec Comm
Establishes the Recreation Commission (1974)
Ordinance Creating Water Pollution Control Authority
Establishes Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) - 2009
Ordinance Establishing Fire Marshal Inspection Fee Schedule
Establishes fee schedule for various inspections conducted by fire marshal (2007).
Ordinance Establishing the Board of Historical Preservation for the J. Trumbull Jr. Museum
Establishes the responsibility, authority and terms for the board. (2008)
Ordinance Firefighters Tax Abatement
Establishes tax abatement for firefighters (2002)
Ordinance Flood and Erosion Control Board
Designating Board of Selectmen as Flood and Erosion Control Board - 2014
Ordinance Flood Erosion Control Board Creation
Establishes Flood and Erosion Control Board (1984)
Ordinance Food Service License/Fees
Authorizes regulation and licensing of food services. Sets fees (1993)
Ordinance for Conversion of Seasonal Dwellings to Year-Round Use
Ordinance for Municipal Building Permit Fees (REVISED 2012)
Ordinance for the Establishment of a Cemetery Commission
Ordinance for the Establishment of a Regional Animal Control
Ordinance for the Tax Exemption of Horses and Ponies - Minutes
Ordinance Joining WINCOG
Authorizes formation and joining Windham Regional Council of Governments (1997)
Ordinance on Appointing Constables
Ordinance on Appointing Constables (2007).
Ordinance on Competitive Bidding Practices
Establishes purchasing and bidding practices for the Town. (2008)
Ordinance on Driveways
Regulations on construction of driveways
Ordinance on Election of Board of Education Members
Provides for the ability of each political party to nominate as many candidates as there are vacancies on the Board of Education. (2008)
Ordinance on Election Shifts
Authorizes two shifts of election officials (1988)
Ordinance on Fees in lieu of Open Space
Authorizes accepting fees in lieu of open space dedication (1989)
Ordinance on Finance Alternate Members
Establishes alternate members for the Board of Finance (1985)
Ordinance on Flood Plain Mgmt
Regulates building in flood plain (1976)
Ordinance on Hawkers/Peddlars
Ordinance setting license fees & fines for hawkers and peddlars (1960).
Ordinance on House Numbering
Requires house numbering (1990)
Ordinance on Justice of Peace
Establishes the number of Justices of the Peace (1996)
Ordinance on Loitering
Regulates loitering at Community Center, Jonathan Trumbull Library and Town Hall.
Ordinance on Membership of Municipal Employees on Town Boards and Commissions
Allows municipal employees, that would otherwise be prohibited, to serve on certain boards and commissions (2007).
Ordinance on Membership on Non-elected Boards & Commissions
Requires members be Lebanon residents and registered voters (2005)
Ordinance on PZC Alternate/Member
Establishes alternate members on Planning & Zoning Commission (1985)
Ordinance on Regulation of Dogs and Other Animals
Ordinance on Right to Farm
Sets policy for the Town of Lebanon to conserve, protect and encourage the maintenance and improvement of agricultural land for the production of food and other agricultural products and for its natural and ecological value.  (2009).
Ordinance on Road Specs
Governs acceptance of road specifications (1963)
Ordinance on Street Parking During Winter Storms
Regulates parking on streets, roads and highways (Rev. 2007)
Ordinance on Town Clerk Salary
Sets salary in lieu of fees and other compensation (1984)
Ordinance on Town Road Acceptance

Requires town meeting to accept new town roads (1973)

Ordinance on Waste Separation/Recycling
Requires separation and recycling of waste (1991)
Ordinance Providing A Revised Fee Schedule for Municipal Land Use Applications for the Planning and Zoning Commission (REVISED 2012)
Ordinance Providing for the Publication of Summary of a Proposed Ordinance
Ordinance Regarding Outside Burning (Revised 2010)
Ordinance Regarding Tax Assessor
Establishes position of tax assessor & sunsets the Board of Assessors. (2008)
Ordinance Regarding the Approval of Capital Projects
Requires any large capital project to be approved at the Annual Town Meeting (2009).

Ordinance Registrar - Town Clerk Term
Sets a four yr term of office for Registrar of Voters and Town Clerk (1976)
Ordinance Regulating Fire Lanes
Regulations on fire lanes (1998)
Ordinance Regulating Road Excavation
Regulates Excavation, Cuts, Fill & Change of Grade in Public Highways (2000)
Ordinance Sanitary Landfill Area
Regulates the use and operation of sanitary landfill area (1971)
Ordinance Sanitary Landfill Area (revised)
Regulates the use and operation of sanitary landfill area (revised - 1990)
Ordinance Sanitary Permit Fees
Fees for septic tank, well and other permits (1974)
Ordinance Solid Waste Facility
Regulations on use of Solid Waste Facility. Authorizes appointment of solid waste commission. (2002)
Ordinance Sunday liquor sales
Ordinance on Sunday liquor sales (1975)
Ordinance Tax Collector Term
Establishes four yr term for tax collector (1994)
Ordinance Tax Exempt Ambulances
Exempts certain ambulance type motor vehicles from personal property tax (2003)
Ordinance Withdrawing form WINCOG/joining SECCOG
Oridinance Providing Public Hearing Application Fee for the ZBA (REVISED 2012)


Active Recreation Needs Analysis
Results of an analysis of recreational needs in the Town of Lebanon - October, 2008
Amston Lake Build-Out and Fiscal Study Report - January 2010 (rev3.1)
In 2007, in preparation for updating the Town's POCD, the Town requested that the Green Valley Institute (GVI) conduct a Cost of Community Services Study and Build-out Analysis of the entire town. Last year the Town realized that it needed to understand the fiscal impact of potential changes to the current land use patterns in the Amston Lake District. and requested that GVI conduct a build-out and fiscal study specifically for that area.
Amston Lake Wastewater Management Study - Nov. 2007
An abbreviated version of the full study (>200 pages) containing the table of contents and executive summary.  For a full copy, contact wpca@lebanontownhall.org
Annual Police Report 2005-2006
Report from resident trooper on statistics for fiscal year 2005-2006.
Annual Report - Town of Lebanon 2005-2006
Annual report of the Town for fiscal year 2005-06.
Annual Report - Town of Lebanon 2006-2007
Annual report of the Town for Fiscal Year 2006-07.
Annual Report - Town of Lebanon 2010-2011
Annual Report of the Town for Fiscal Year 2010 - 2011
Annual Report - Town of Lebanon 2011-2012
Annual Report - Town of Lebanon 2012-2013
Annual Report -Town of Lebanon 2008-2009
Annual Report of the Town for Fiscal Year 2008 - 2009
Build-Out Analysis and Cost of Community Services Study
(May, 2007)
Initial Energy Performance Ratings for Municipal Buildings, Lebanon, CT
The Town of Lebanon has taken the EPA Community Challenge pledge to reduce total energy use 10% by 2013. To achieve this, the town buildings are receiving an energy audit by Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., a contractor for Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM). The audit is a free service provided to towns that purchase their electricity generation through CCM.
Jonathan Trumbull Jr. House Director's Report - 2012
Lebanon Land Conservation Survey Report
Results of a survey of residents conducted in Nov, 2008 on a variety of land conservation topics. (12/5/2008)
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2007
Annual audit report for the Town of Lebanon
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2008
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2009
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2010
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2011
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2012
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012
State & Federal Compliance Audit - June 30, 2013
Audit report for the Town for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013
Wright-Pierce Watewater Management Study - Nov. 2007


Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Voting Location: Fire Safety Complex, 23 Goshen Hill Road
Polls are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
Please follow the links below for more information
Thanks to the gererosity of Scotts-Miracle Grow the Transfer Station once again has free bagged potting soil available for Lebanon residents while the supply lasts. Please handle the bags with care as they tear easily and be prepared to load the heavy bags into your vehicle. Also, if you are using a pick-up truck please take the bags that have been ripped if you can-- the staff at the Transfer Station would greatly appreciate it!
INVITATION TO BID - Cemetery Maintenance

Town of Lebanon
Invitation to Bid
Cemetery Mowing and Maintenance
The Town of Lebanon is seeking sealed bids for cemetery mowing and maintenance. Bid specifications are available by following the link ABOVE or by calling 860-642-6100. Submit bids to Lebanon Town Hall, Office of the First Selectman, 579 Exeter Road, Lebanon, CT 06249.  
Clearly marked, sealed bids will be accepted until 8:30 am on October 30, 2014 and will be opened at a warned Selectmen’s Meeting at 9:00 am on the same date. The Town of Lebanon is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.  Minority/Women's Business Enterprises are encouraged to apply. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Joyce Okonuk
First Selectman
Lebanon Charter Commission Seeks Input from the Public
The Charter Commission invites members of all committees, commissions or boards and the general public to participate in a Special Charter Commission Meeting November 6, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Lebanon Fire Safety Complex. Please follow the link ABOVE for all the details!
LEGAL NOTICE: Personal Property Declaration
Norwich Avenue Bridge Construction
Veterans Memorial Walk - Press Release & Donation Information
Brick Donation Forms should be submitted by August 1st for inclusion in the dedication on Veteran’s Day, November 11th


Lego Summer Camp 2014
Lebanon Recreation Commission is sponsoring Play-Well LEGO Technology Camps. See flyer for more information.

Zumba Fitness
Monday Night Zumba. Come get fit with us.